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June 16, 2012 —

The First Post Link plugin for WordPress adds commands that give the permalink and title of the oldest post.

The plugin adds two specific functions to a WordPress installation:
1. ‘firstpostlink_permalink’ and
2. ‘firstpostlink_title’

They are similar to the ‘the_permalink’ and ‘the_title’ functions that are part of a WordPress installation, except that they refer to only the oldest post in the blog.

Example 1: Link with text saying “|< First"

`<a href="<?php firstpostlink_permalink() ?>" title="Oldest Post">|&lt; First</a>`

Example 2: Link with post title included

`<a href="<?php firstpostlink_permalink() ?>" title="Oldest Post">|&lt; First: <?php firstpostlink_title() ;?></a>`

I wrote this plugin to use with my webcomic. You can see an example of it in use at my webcomic page.

Download First Post Link Plugin.


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